Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Other London Graffiti

Whilst out looking for Banksys I also found the following.

This one is stunning and is near the White Cube in Hoxton. There used to be another Banksy Maid here but to be honest I prefer this one!

Is that Andre the Giant?

The tiled UFOs are starting to appear all over London too and in the same places as Banksy pieces.

Random stencils around Rivington Place in Shoreditch.

OK, so its not strictly graffiti, just random chalk scrawlings but still amusing.

Another Andre

These are across the road from the hidden Apache Gunship piece.

OK, no graffiti here but whilst I was looking for the Angel (its behind me) people were leaving the Aquarium club and the 2 guys running away had gotten into an argument with about half a dozen Arabs. They would get the chase then turn and beat up the first person to catch them then run off. Lying on the ground just to the right of the bus stop is the first guy they knocked out. An interesting tactic, which worked. The guy was all over the place and had to be draped over the railings by his mates to get his breath back.

A couple of pieces that surround the Chalk Farm Maid.

A stunning piece in Notting Hill. I have no idea who it is though.

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