Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geek Fest...the pictures

Here are the pictures from the geekfest night.

This is some bizarre exhibit where you're encouraged to put your head into the boxes, and in interacting become part of the art. Your picture is picked up on camera and shown elsewhere around the room.

This wasn't one of the participants in the fancy dress competition. X-Box were sponsoring the event and I think this guy was part of that promotion.

Is it Bub or Bob? It also blew bubbles with the aid of a bubble making machine built into the mouth.

The worst costume of them all, made from two gym balls and some black tape. A pokeball!! But at least she still made the effort.

I thought this was another proper dressed up person but it was actually someone's costume.

Grim Fandango watches one of the Tentacle monsters. He looks like a business man with a rolled up piece of paper over his head.

Again, I thought this was a company costume, but no, someone really did have the dog from Zelda outfit at home.

It was the Pokeball that won the competition. Not really, tentacle won the prize.

Chinese guy who is really good on the piano. He can even play the Windows shut down jingle....geek!
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