Friday, August 12, 2005


The final film in my "Malcolm has nothing better to do with his holidays but watch movies"-alooza left me with a choice of Crash or the new Herbie film. Given the choice of Lindy Lohan and a white volkswagen or an ensemble cast in a moving drama about race I went for what seemed to be the most grown up of the two. Sorry Lindy!

This film brings together the following stars
Miss Congeniality
George of the Jungle
the black cockney guy from Oceans 11 (without his terrible Barney Rubble accent)
Rumblefish (who coincidentally also stars in the Herbie film), some hispanic actress
Some hispanic woman but not Eva Mendes
Buffy's brother in Cruel Intentions
The love interest in MI2
and a bunch of other people who I can't remember from other films.

The film is a very clever look at racism in all aspects of society and has the obvious white-on-black and black-on-white but also goes beyond this looking at black-on-black, black-on-hispanic, black-on-arab, arab-on-hispanic etc etc. All the characters are either on the giving or receiving end and all are brought together with a car crash.

The film deserves to get some oscar nominations but it won't be for best actor or actress, screenplay perhaps. The problem with ensemble casts is that no one person stands out enough to carry the film. I can't really pick one person who stood out for their performance.

However I was moved by a couple of scenes, there is some very powerful film-making going on in this film and you will find yourself sympathising with just about everyone.

The most serious film I saw this week and easily the best one.
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