Saturday, August 13, 2005

Keith Lard

Tonight Channel 4 showed a repeat of the "Eyes Down" episode of "That Peter Kay Thing". This show was quite funny but the funniest bit had to be the Keith Lard character, an over-zealous fire inspection officer who is rumoured to have sexual relationships with dogs.

This is quite funny in itself, but what is even funnier is that in the area where the show is set there is a real Fire Inspector called Keith Laird who took offence to the show and quite obviously filed a complaint with the TV ombudsman.

Although we never found out if the real guy "bummed dogs", Channel 4 did agree to pay out and he got a nice £10,000 for his troubles.

On tonight's show they still made reference to the complaint even though the show was originally shown years ago.

BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Fire officer fumes over comedy
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