Thursday, August 11, 2005


Woohoo, a reason to watch TV properly again.

Over the last few months my TV has been neglected as there hasn't really been anything worth watching. The last thing was "Hustle" which I've posted about before.
In the last few weeks Channel 4 have been trailering this show Lost that was shown in the US last year and which is being downloaded by mates off the internet.

Tonight we got to see the first 3 episodes and the show looks like it is going to be a corker. Great characters, a really fucked up story, and some great effects really do come together to make a show that will mean my Wednesday evenings are now booked up.

Roll on next week!

My early observations.

We don't see any attempt to land the plane and it does break up at altitude. Therefore there is next to no chance of anyone surviving but somehow at least 48 manage it. I'm going to deduce that they're all dead already and lingering in some sort of purgatory.

Polar Bears don't exist in tropical climes but they do exist in the comic that the kid finds. We know its not his because its in Spanish, could they be some sort of manifestation caused by him?
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