Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Euphoria is a music compilation that started out containing the best trance tunes out there. Over time it's had several offshots such as an Old Skool, Chillout mixes and quite a lot of Hard House. I've been an avid collector of these compilations going so far as to locate the Ireland only and Canada only editions.

Last year the record label went into liquidation and the brand was picked up by Ministry of Sound, one of the most commercial labels in the world. The future of Euphoria didn't look too good.

This week the latest edition came out "Judgement Euphoria" and it's a corker. On the Judge Jules mix there's is an absolutely superb
track called "Without You" by Dogzilla. I've been looping that track all evening but I don't think i has been released as a single yet. If I see it I'm buying it.
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