Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Skeleton Key

Day 2 of the week off was almost identical to the first; a trip to the cinema then sitting in a bar working on ideas for the Japan trip.

Skeleton Key stars Kate Hudson (not Kate Winslet as I'd misread the poster) as a care assistant looking after John Hurt (not too taxing a role for him this time). She spends much of the night being scared whilst sleeping which leads her to explore the old man's house in her underwear.

There is also a lot of hoodoo voodoo (that you don't dare do people) nonsense as always happens in any film that's set in Louisiana that may or may not be important to the plot. You will find a new use for red brick dust if you watch this though. It would also appear that the League of Gentleman's Papa Lazarou has new kin in the form of Papa Justify, a minister who took the Hoodoo Voodoo to a new level! It was also nice that the executives didn't insist on Prodigy's "Voodoo People" be played on the soundtrack.

The film does have a twist and I hadn't figured it out when it was revealed, although I knew there had to be one. This alone makes it worth seeing.

As Parappa the Rapper (or should that be Papa Parappa the Rapper) said "You gotta believe"
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