Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Film: Yakuza Apocalypse

While Audition still takes the title of the only film I've not had the stomach to sit through, I hadn't seen anything by Takashi Miike for a while so when the PCC in London announced they were showing his Vampires-meets-Yakuza romp.

and as expected it's completely bizarre with a henchman inadvertently finding himself having to continue the Yakuza bloodline after his boss is killed and by bloodline I mean becoming a vampire, but keeping the vampire abilities secret.

It all goes wrong and soon the whole town has becoming infected and craving fresh blood and the finale features a man in a frog suit who comes in to try to kill the hero. 

No amount of explanation will sell this film, such is the nature of what Miike produces. It is enjoyable though and fortunately not as tough to sit through as Audition.

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