Sunday, January 10, 2016

Travelling: Lisbon

I've been to Lisbon before and liked it, a nice easy to get around city with a love of street art and some great history meant I would definitely be coming back. Coupled with a desire to visit Madrid again I pulled together a week long trip to both.

A nice easy flight via Madrid brought me into Lisbon and a nice surprise from the outset was that they'd extended the city metro to run from the airport, which wasn't there before. So I bought a daily ticket and rode to Alameda station, the nearest to my hotel. 

Not a complicated metro system at all and at 6 euros for 24 hours pretty reasonable too.

This photo of UK TV presenter Denise Van Outen doing some sewing made me laugh. She's not even celebrity enough to do an obscure Japanese ad, her's are Portuguese.

No complaints with the hotel, in fact they'd upgraded me to a suite which meant I had this little lounge space that I had no idea how to use. I'm not sure why the armchair faces the window and not the telly.

A quick trip to the local supermarket for the obligatory funny named food and all I could find was Kaffa Suave, which is perhaps funny to South Africans only.

Taking advantage of the metro ticket I went exploring and Lisbon has some great art on their metro platforms. This is my favourite at Oriente station.

This makes me laugh every time I see it. A near pun that is lost on the locals.

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