Monday, January 11, 2016

Travelling: Pena Palace

The Pena Palace is located on another hill close to the castle and used to be the living place of the Royal Family, and is still used for some state events, but it's pretty much a place that's opened up to tourists.

It's definitely a colourful building, so bright in fact you could think it made of lego.

There are a lot of architectural styles here, but it's all very opulent and grand; definitely fitting of the Royal Family.

You have pretty much free reign to explore the buildings, with just small parts of it such as the bell tower completely fenced off. 

This was more popular than the castle but still very quiet, it was January after all.

A view from the Palace courtyard looking west towards the coast.

I love the detail in this, the centre piece above the arch that leads to the courtyard. 

There is a small internal tour where you get to see the understated opulence in the furnishings. I wasn't blown away by this part of the tour, but at least we were allowed in to see how the Royals would have lived. 

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