Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Graffiti: Lisbon Part 2

I had given myself an entire day to explore Lisbon and find the most famous of the city's graffiti sites. In researching I found to get them all would take 25 miles of walking, which I wasn't going to do. Even with the limited metro network it would still be a considerable walk. So I got what I could before I got bored and the blisters told me it was time to stop.

These are near Oriente Station
The following ones were all found on Google Street View when working out how to get between two other pieces. Another opportune find that led to a lot of pieces in one place.

This one and the one below are on the same roundabout south of Oriente.

Easy to miss this Vhil's piece. This is over in the west of the city.

Great detail on these pieces. These were more from the street view find.

This piece would have been a lengthy mile walk from Braco de Prata station in the east of the city but it was visible from the station so I used the zoom lense to get me closer.

This was my favourite piece by far and ironically nearest to the hotel. The detail and scale are both amazing.

It's fair to say there is plenty to see and I didn't get around all of it, I couldn't be bothered with the few pieces I know about along the sea road in the south-east of the city.

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