Saturday, June 18, 2005

Batman Begins

This is really really really good. It's much darker and less hammy than the previous movies and it restores the character back to greatness after Clooney killed it (or was it Kilmer). Christian Bale is surprisingly good as the lead. The only bad things with the film is that the fighting is shot too close to be able to follow and the baddies aren't as solidly defined as, say Nicholson's Joker and let's face it, how could that be bettered? Katie Holmes plays a really good Mary Jane which given that this is Batman, not Spiderman is a bit of a shame. Her role is very similar to Kirtsen Dunst.

I really liked what Christopher Nolan did with Memento and he's done a good job directing this.

There was also a killer bit of bass when the batmobile started up that vibrated the seat :D Oh, and watch for the continuity mistakes when he's driving that. One shot he's sat up, then he's lying down, then he's back.
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