Friday, June 17, 2005

A heavy session

Last night I was at a quiz night for work. Historically my team has done pretty well but more worringly I always seem to get very drunk at them. This time I promised myself I'd have no more than 1 bottle of wine.

After the 3rd round of 10 the first bottle was completed and a second bottle had been bought.

By the end of round 10 I think 4 bottles had been gone through (not all mine I might add) and there was still money in the kitty for more.

At closing time I can't recollect how much I'd drunk but somehow managed to get myself to the train station.

When I woke up I was outside the final underground station, a bit worringly given that I'd intended to catch a train, but at least I'd gone in the right direction. I managed to get some cash for a taxi to take me home the remainder of the way.

When I woke up (properly this time) the flat was smelling of kebab that I don't recall buying and which clearly I hadn't eaten.

I would have liked a lie-in to recover but I had to be at work early. Needless to say I was very delicate at work and just kept my head down. Fortunately my team mates were in a similar state.

My workmates were also surprised that I'd shaved, apparently we'd made a bet to all grow goatees. The things that drunk people do, and being a man of my word I now have to see it through.

Oh, and by the way, our team came 2nd.
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