Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mr & Mrs Smith and a possible coverup.

Mr and Mrs Smith is out this Friday and I will definitely be going to see it. Whilst at the cinema on Saturday I noticed that something was up with the posters. Looks like photoshop has been used to remove the guns. I'm guessing it's bad to promote the killing aspect too much. Another example of political correctness gone too far perhaps. Here is the evidence.

This is the poster with Angelina and Brad sans firearms.

This is Brad without his gun, if it has been photoshopped they've done a good job.

This is Angelina without hers, the easiest cover up of the two.

Of course I'm assuming that the top picture is the original. It could be that the guns were added later, but then the picture wouldn't have fitted the film as it is about hitmen (or should that be hitperson given that one of them is a woman, looks like PC has got me too).
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