Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Late home and a confrontation

I left work in good time today but when I got to the station I found that my train had been delayed and the next one was going to skip my stop which isn't great when it means I'm having to wait around for an hour. When one did come in it was an additional 40 minutes late so I was quite stressed at having to wait so long in what is a busy station.

I thought I'd go and see if there was a magazine I could read to pass the time and went into the shop and straight over to the computer magazines, however on the way was this guy moving extremely slowly.

Now for people who are use to the hectic pace that London runs at, and who know where they're going, there is nothing worse than having people in the way who seem to lack the ability to know where they're going and how to get there; they just seem to float. These include tourists standing on the left of the escalator, people who don't let you off trains and people who stop once they've got off the escalator.

So I wanted to get past this guy and he didn't seem to want me to do so, which left me with the only option but to try to walk through him. He was clearly not happy with me doing so, and for someone who was moving at funeral pace, he suddenly burst into life and shoved me out of the way, straight into some woman nearby.

I found the situation quite funny and whilst the woman had a go at me for pushing into her, she didn't take my explanation that I was pushed by someone else very well. The guy was now shouting "Why were you in my way?", to which I replied "It wasn't my intention". I think this confused him enough for me to move on to where I was going.

In a working day that is typically routine and boring, little things like this, no matter how stressful at the time are a nice distraction. Fortunately he wasn't too psycho although he did act it.
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