Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sin City

Wow, how good is this film.

Trying to get the look and feel of a comic book has been attempted over the years and the best had been Dick Tracy but now this film just pisses all over that. Using blue screen filming and a lot of digital effects, Robert Rodriguez has finally managed to get the comic look on the big screen. Some effects particular the weather effects are stunning and really add to the effect.

The film contains 4 stories from the Sin City books, 3 major ones and a minor story to open and close the film. Bruce Willis does well as Hartigan, an old cop in love with a young woman he rescued from a sex attack when she was younger. Clive Owen also plays a decent part as a guy who inadverantly kills a cop. But it's Mickey Rourke who steals the show as Marv, a thug looking for the killer of a woman he fell for. Like Travolta in Pulp Fiction, this film should relaunch his career. Elijah Wood also has a great part as a weird serial killer with a knack for ninja like stealthy martial arts. Devon Aoki is also great as Miho, an Oriental assassin. Jessica Alba looks great as Nancy too :D

The film is really violent but over the top in a comic book style. Lots of hacked limbs, particularly from Devon, and sprayings of blood (white not red to fit the look of the film); Elijah's character also comes to a rather untimely end. Not one to take your girlfriend to unless that's her thing :D

Best film of the year so far, until I get to see Hong Kong Hustle, which is out at the end of the month haha!
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