Wednesday, June 08, 2005

RIP Boots

Today I had to say goodbye to my boots that have been part of me since Christmas, not that long really. At the end of last week I managed to trip walking up the stairs into work and as I was putting my headphones away I couldn't break my fall and promptly executed a perfect faceplant; Bam Margera would be proud. In hindsight I should have checked to se if it had been caught on security tape, I could have made money out of it.

Getting back to the story, it turns out that the boot had split across the sole, whether it was the cause of the fall or the result of it I don't know but after that incident their days were numbered but rather than getting new boots I left it.

Today on the way home I caught a kerb and totally ripped into the front of the boot seperating the sole from the rest of the boot, so I had to make the journey home with the front of the boot flopping about like a leather crocodile. It was a bit embarrassing to see homeless people with better footwear than me on the way home, at least they weren't going to mug me for my footwear.

I also left work late and all the decent shops were closed. I ended up having to go to a supermarket and buy a pair from there, not ideal but they'll do until a new pair are bought. That will teach me for not me a little more pro-active.
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