Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Family Fortunes

We have a dumb quiz show in the UK called Family Fortunes, in the US I think it's Family Feud. Here's some stupid responses to questions that have been given by the rather thick contestants.

Name an item of clothing people wear two of at the same time
A bra

Name a type of big cat

Name something with a hole in it
A window

Name something you might take from a hotel as a souvenir
The lamps

Name something you eat with fish
A plate

Name an animal that lives wild in Britain
A lion

Not including cutlery, name a type of fork

Name something a blind person might use
A sword

Name a song with moon in the title
Blue Suede Moon

Name a bird with a long neck
Naomi Campbell

Name an occupation where you need a torch
A burglar

Name a famous brother and sister
Bonnie and Clyde

Name a dangerous race
The Arabs

Name an item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers
A horse

Name something that floats in the bath

Name something you wear on the beach
A deckchair

Name something red
A cardigan

Name a famous cowboy
Buck Rogers

Name a famous royal

Name a number you have to memorise

Name something you do before going to bed

Name something you put on walls

Name something in the garden that's green
A shed

Name something that flies that doesn't have an engine
A bicycle with wings

Name something you might be allergic to

Name a famous bridge
Bridge over troubled water

Name something a cat does
Goes to the toilet

Name something you do in the bathroom

Name an animal you might see at the zoo
A dog

Name something associated with the police

Name a sign of the zodiac

Name something slippery
A conman

Name a kind of ache
Fillet o' Fish

Name a food that can be brown or white

Name a jacket potato topping

Name a famous Scotsman

Name another famous Scotsman
Vinnie Jones

Name something with a hole in it
A window

Name a non-living object with legs
A plant

Name a domestic animal

Name a part of the body beginning with 'N'

Name a way of cooking fish

Name something you open other than a door
Your bowels

Name a famous soap opera
Romeo and Juliet

Name one of Harry Enfield's characters

Name something with a red light
A Dalek

Name a bird that can also be a man's name

Name one of the Spice Girls
The one with the long hair
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