Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The plan had been to see The Constant Gardener but when I got to the cinema the staff had put up a sign that said "The constant garden is fully booked". I guess they meant the same film. Would you need a gardener if the garden remained constant? That would be quite a dull film.

The only alternative was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which I had seen the trailer to a few weeks ago but I didn't take the name in because I was too preoccupied with how fat Val Kilmer's face had become.

The film stars Hollywood's favourite drug addict Robert Downey Jr. as a toy shop thief from the East Coast who, by an odd twist of fate, finds himself in Hollywood following an accidental audition sesson that he in advertantly stumbled into whilst escaping from Police.

Along the way he stumbles across an old school crush, who is in Hollywood pursuing an Hollywood career. The two of them then find themselve's caught up in a murder plot which takes a few twists and turns, as you'd expect in a film like this.

The film is very well written with a very funny script that takes delight in poking fun at Hollywood and other movies. However you find yourself laughing so much that you lose focus on the plot line, particularly towards the end as the story reaches it's climax.

Robert Downey is very good leading this movie and fat Val does well in the support role as the gay movie producer. There is some very snappy dialogue between the two of them, which provides most of the mirth. There is also a good quantity of dark comedy which I am always partial too anyway.

This isn't a film that I would have chosen to see had circumstances dictated I do so, however I am glad I did as it was better than I had expected, especially once I'd got use to seeing Fat Chin. There is no way he'd be repicked for the next Batman film looking like that, and if there was going to be a sequel to The Doors, they'd have to be wide ones.
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