Saturday, May 20, 2006

Day trip to Southend-on-Sea

I used to go here as a kid and thought I'd go to it again as I had nothing planned this weekend, and there was a little theme park to visit. However just as I was about to leave there was the most horrendous rainstorm and I didn't leave until it had subsided. I didn't arrive til late in the afternoon.

The pier is the longest in the world. Did I walk to the end of it? Hell no, not with the wind as fast as it was.

Mighty Mini Mega was not bad for a little compact coaster. It did suffer from some major despatch times though. I think they were waiting for a full train.

Strange little wheel

Green Scream is the biggest coaster in the park and has ridiculously long trains.

Told you it was long.

Although the park is small, it does make the effort with its theming.

Not the nicest sky, it rained on and off but happily the park kept open. Only the slide type attractions were closed.

This bit was deserted for some reason, perhaps the colours were too gaudy.

Eagles Claw is a pretty cool spin ride, rotating at a decent speed and flipping you upside down at the same time.

The best shots of the ride come from the promenade.

Barnstormer is a strange little kiddy coaster, squashed into a little bit of space in the park (room is at a premium here). Again it does have nice theming.

Even the closed signs are themed, which, pardon the pun, is a good sign of the park taking their role seriously.

I don't think its re-magicalising that's needed here. The track just needs to be put back.

Perhaps the best ride in the park is the Disc-O, which I first rode at a trade fair in Orlando in 2004. I like this ride.

I think they liked it too.

For the kids that were too scared to ride that there was a little version of it.

After some fish and chips and a walk along the promenade I ended up at the Kursal which now houses a theatre.

Electric Avenue was the main arcade on the promenade. It did have a Harley Davidson game but it was broken so there was no way I was going to get #1 on that.

Looking back at the park. There's a great rail for the skateboarders brave enough to try this!
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