Monday, May 01, 2006


Apparently the most successful movie of all time..........if you're Russian.
This was a film I first saw the trailer to months ago and it looked awesome, great CGI plenty of vampire battles; everything that Underworld and Constantine could have been and a possible Blade beater.

However I watched the film last night and I didn't get it at all. The story tells of 2 factions, light and dark who form a truce to not kill each other. Both sides have a shift that police the other to ensure the truce is upheld. The nightwatch in the title refers to the goodies that police the vampires that come out only at night.

When an attempt by some of the vampires to drink the blood of a human boy is thwarted a vampire is killed (pretty cool ceramic head death) opening a feud between the two sides. The beginning of a foretold prophecy manifesting itself (on the underground of all places) runs alongside that story as another thread. When the two threads come together it is discovered that the boy that would have had his blood sucked dry is actually the deciding factor mentioned in the prophecy and when he picks a side that side will eventually take over the world.

The film is the first part of a trilogy from what I can tell. Discussion boards seem to think that the third may be shot in the U.S. which is pissing a lot of fans off. This leads me to conclude that the second has already been shot.

The film does have clever CGI especially in the gloom (fog that the vampires thrive in at night) and the battle scenes are impressive. However I came away from this thinking that the trailer was a lot more exciting than the final product. Perhaps in the context of a trilogy it might be good but this first chapter wasn't very good at all so I'm not sure I'll even bother with the other two.
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