Monday, May 01, 2006


The final film of the weekend was a cinema release that I gambled on going to. Fortunately the pager didn't go off although to be honest I wouldn't have minded if it had.

The film tells the story of an slug type alien presence that crashes near a small town and takes over the body of one of the townsfolk, with a rather unfortunate name of Grant Grant. Having been taken control of Grant it then kidnaps a local woman to become the host for some more slugs. The slugs then gradually take over the town and its up to the good looking leads to save the day.

The film is a comedy-horror more Shaun of the Dead than Scary movie, although not as good as either, which says something considering how bad the latter is. Whereas Shaun of the Dead was laugh out loud funny and gory this is barely raises a chuckle but is quite gory. In fact I think I only laughed once, towards the end of the movie, when the male lead (Malcolm from Serenity) sees what has happened to Grant (Michael Rooker, Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer).

The effects are alright, featuring the obligatory "man gets split vertically in two" effect that appears more and more in these films. There is a little nod to classic gore movie "Society" towards the end but not done as well, which is shocking considering that film is almost 20 years old.

Performances are what you'd expect from this genre, nothing too challenging. Just screaming on cue etc.. The cop out with zombie movies is that you don't really have to try too hard to be one. Just stiffen the joints, walk like you've pooed your pants and moan, which you would be entitled to do if you had pooed.

Whilst in Belgium I saw posters advertising the film with the Tagline "You'll shit yourself" or something equally inappropriate although having not taken any pictures of it I can't back it up. I can't find any foreign posters online either.

Oh, and if you do go and see it please watch it to the end of the credits as apparently there's something at the end I missed. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know what it is. Thanks!
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