Monday, May 01, 2006

Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children

Start of a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and as I was on backup support there wasn't too much I could do as I have to be near a phone if there are any problems. I decided therefore to stock up on films I've overlooked over the last few months.

The first one was the Final Fantasy VII movie which I saw advertised in Japan and had mistakingly thought was a PS2 remake of the original game. It's not however, it's a CGI film set shortly after the ending of the game and features most of the main characters from the game.

It tells the story of a virus infecting the population including Cloud, the main character from the game. A trio of criminals hatch a plot to exploit the virus to take over the world.

To be honest the story is too complex to cover here really and it's difficult to keep up with it. Fans of FFVII will have no difficulty with the world in which the game and this movie are set. I had played the game but not all the way through to completion so didn't really get what was going on.

This DVD however is getting the praise, not for its storytelling but the CGI, which is stunning. Square Enix have done an absolutely amazing job getting human physicality recreated with a computer. The game was full of fighting seperated by cut-scenes and to be honest the film is the same, but how good are these fights? The freedom of CGI has allowed them to do stuff with cameras that you could never do with real actors and studio equipment. The fights therefore are intentionally overboard, taking on a Dragonball-Z "Flying in the air" persona at regular intervals.
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