Friday, May 05, 2006

The Sultan's Elephant

One of Britains largest free art shows started today in London with a show called The Sultan's Elephant. Earlier in the week a rocket crashed into London and today an absolutely massive elephant was paraded around the city.

The whole thing is very French and I mean that in a good way. No one does visual art quite as good as them, and the attention to detail on the elephant was stunning. Although it's driven on wheels, the legs, head, trunk, ears, mouth and just about all of it moves to look like it's walking. Even the tongue moves, and it roars and sprays water too.

Unfortunately I wasn't prepared properly for this and both my battery and back up had run out of charge but I managed to get a few pics before they died. I passed the rocket on the way home and had no charge left at that point.

The whole thing runs for the duration of the weekend and I'm glad I saw it.
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