Saturday, May 13, 2006

My Brother's Wedding.

After two years of thorough planning, my brother married Lianne at Knebworth Barns. The day was perfect, everything worked exactly as they'd wanted.

On the way to the photograph taking. The junior divison of Reservoir Dogs go to work.

Enjoying the weather whilst Bride and Groom pose for pics. I catch dad by surprise.

A proper piper was brought in to provide musical accompaniment to the ceremony and during the picture taking. There's a great story with this chap and my dad, which my brother didn't realise when he chose him. It's a small world.

Bride, Groom and the bridesmaids outside Knebworth Hall.

The obligatory "lets litter the area with paper and flowers" shot.

Fair to say my brother is happy now that he's married. No reason to be nervous now!

Getting ready for the speeches. Liverpool fans were tuned into the FA cup final.

Lianne and Andrew get ready to hand out the favours to the guests.

"I didn't fart"

Mum and Dad during the meal, smile!

The father of the Bride Steve doing his bit to get into the Scottish Vibe :D His speech was funny. I got a good response too (I was best man) but was nervous as hell when it was time to say my speech, I'm glad I had the room laughing at the right time..

The cutting of the cake. Hey quit kissing and cut the cake.

The first dance was to "Suddenly" by Billy Ocean. I thought it would have been "Electric Avenue"

It was the kids that kept the dancefloor buzzing.

My cousin's little girl Briagh taking pics. Everyone was given a camera to capture the day. A great idea!

A rare shot of me in front of the lense. I hate having my picture taken.

Briagh's older sister Lauren. I liked how this pic came out.


Later in the evening and I'm looking the worst for wear.

Managed a smile in this one.

One of Andrew's workmates, Riann with his girlfriend Ruth. Both are great dancers and stole the floor when the music picked up!

Zoe with her boyfriend Ross.

The night becomes too much for the little 'uns.

The day went great, and I am really happy for the two of them. I wish them all the best for their future together.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering what I wore under the kilt. Lets just say a cousin ensured I was wearing it properly. Its funny how much attention you get when you wear one. I'll be getting one for future parties methinks.
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