Monday, May 01, 2006


Jodie Foster takes her kid on a flight and no one believes her when she disappears (the kid not Jodie, that would be rubbish if the lead vanished). Is she mad or is she telling the truth? That's the premise in this film that I managed to avoid over the last few months but decided to watch this weekend.

Jodie does alright in this film even with her obligatory southern accent, which annoys me. It was the main reason for not wanting to see this film in the first place. Sean Bean does alright as the Pilot of the plane, clearly cast for this English accent that offsets Jodies. Peter Sarsgaard (nice word for scrabble) plays the air marshal who can't appear to keep control of Jodie when she goes a bit potty.

This film is so full of holes, it takes away from any credibility the film writes might have had in putting the film together. Apart from the biggest oversight being an aircraft full of passengers not knowing if the girl has been taken or not, there are plenty of others.

They make a big deal of the cockpit being secure but then there is a scene which shows a clear crawlspace between there and one of the toilets. Secondly Jodie's character knows a lot about the layout of the plane which is surprising considering we're told her job was putting the engines on the plane.

The obligatory twist is stupid and inconceivable and spoils the film even more. The one thing that I did like about the film was the camerawork which moves fluidly around the plane as if the walls and ceiling weren't there. I think it says more about the film when I enjoyed the making of featurette more than the film itself.

Oh, and don't give the characters the surname of "Pratt", that's just asking for a negative review.
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