Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Boogey Man

Hurrah, a horror movie with no twist, no ghosts, kids who see dead people, no schizophrenic lead actor, and fortunately for a film about monsters in closets, no blue furry beasts with the voice of John Goodman.

This is a straightforward monster movie like the monster movies of the 80s. Sam Raimi produced it but there is so much steadycam camerawork that you would think he was directing it too. A simple enough story about a kid who sees his dad captured by the eponymous bad guy and then finds him returning 15 years on.

A couple of jumpy bits, some good tension build up and a pretty scary bad guy makes this worth seeing, Oh, and it was nice to see the blonde die and not the brunette as usually happens.

There, I've totally spoiled that film for you!
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