Tuesday, March 01, 2005

We have snow!!!

OK, so it doesn't stay around for long but we are getting snow in London and as expected it's totally crippling our public transport. This week I've been getting into work at 10 instead of 9 and getting home at 7 instead of 6. But I have been able to make it in, some of the team haven't; in Kent the snow has been much worse.

Near where I live there's a big church at the top of the hill that attracts the local kids. I guess if we had a 24 hour store, or a cinema they'd hang around that instead. Given the options the church seems not a bad place to congregate. However rather than do anything good with their lives they use the hedges around the church to hide behind whilst throwing eggs at people walking past.

Even with the cold temperatures they're still gathering there, but rather than throw eggs, it's snowballs this week; a preferred option of the two. Give them time and they may even get their aim right, I had 2 fly past my head and smash against the wall beside me tonight on my way home.
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