Friday, March 25, 2005

First day of packing..

With the start of the holidays I thought I'd make a start on the packing.

The plan was to do the kitchen, and although I've not completed it, I have done some stuff in the other rooms to make up for it. Clearing out the food was quite interesting I had food that was 2 years out of date buried at the back. Quite a lot of it is being thrown out. Pots and pans are packed but I've left the microwave out so I can eat, that's not going to be good for the diet. Freezer is defrosted.

Elsewhere all the books are and DVDs are packed as are one of my chest of drawers (one other and the wardrobe to go). The bathroom has also been done.

I've also bagged up 6 bags of crap to throw out. I can't put them all out at once as I'll fill the bin, unfair on the other tenants. I'm going to have to stagger them.

I've also sorted out all my paperwork and have it filed in a new metal organiser. This means I can throw out the briefcase I've had the stuff in for years. It's buckled due to the weight and needs to be retired. Whilst I was buying those I also purchased Timesplitters Future Perfect. Curse impulse purchases. That kept me busy for a few hours this afternoon.

Tomorrow I will finish the kitchen and bedroom.
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