Friday, March 18, 2005

Payment cards

Last weekend I went to order a hotel room online (for the Gothenburg trip) to find I couldn't find my mastercard. Panic kicks in and I call up card protection and inadvertantly cancel the visa card. On Sunday I realise what I've done and call up a second time to cancel the right card. They advise me to inform the police. I tell them that I've probably misplaced it at home. I never use the cards as a rule and they're wedged tight in my wallet; there's no way it could be nicked.

Go to the police station who tell me that they're not interested unless I can prove it's been misused. So I call the bank and find out if either card had been used and they hadn't.

Panic over, except for the fact I still haven't ordered my hotel room. New cards have arrived this morning and I will do it this weekend.
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