Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hostage @ Apollo Piccadilly

Yup, another bloody movie review.

Bruce Willis (and you won't recognise him at first) plays a negotiator who cocks things up and finds himself moved to a quiet town just outside L.A. where a bunch of kids break into an accountant's house and take them hostage. Some bad guys, who want something from the house, then kidnap Bruce's kids to ensure he succeeds in his mission.

Nice tension and some decent acting by Bruce. The weird hostage taker, "Mars" is a pretty good character; totally messed up and twisted. A little far fetched how he is able to deal with the FBI (who act mysteriously like SWAT).

Definitely worth seeing!!

I went with a friend to the new Apollo cinema near Piccadilly, it's not obvious as it's mostly underground. It's a really posh cinema with decent bar, and nice seating areas to shmooze before going in the cinema. Arena seating, super wide arms rests and comfy seating make the cinema standing out above the rest. However it's also the dearest at 12.50 a ticket, and the screens aren't massive. I will go again however. In fact I've agreed with the friend to make it a regular thing and we'll take turns to pick the movie we'll see.

She's jokingly chosen Hitch or Miss Congeniality 2. What have I let myself in for?
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