Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hide and Seek

Whilst looking for a birthday present for my dad I decided to pop into Leicester Square (to any Americans reading this it's pronounced "lesta" not "lie-sesta") , the only film that looked the slightest bit interesting was this so called "super scary" Hide and Seek.

Starring Robert de Niro and Dakota Fanning (the little girl out of "Man on Fire"), it's a story of a man who's wife is found dead and who decides to retreat to the country with his traumatised daughter to help her. She then makes friends with an "imaginary" friend called Charlie and as their friendship develops sinister things start happening around the house..

It's not a very scary film at all, in fact it's a bit contrived and clich├ęd. Any film that tries to build up tension by increasing the music and having a cat jump out isn't going to enthrall me. There is a twist, and since Sixth Sense you'd be surprised if there wasn't. However this particular twist has been seen before, and done better. (I won't name the film as it would give it away). You do see the clues but they don't register as such, which I guess is how they're supposed to be; at least they get that right.

In the same week "Saw" came out on DVD, and that's still my favourite film of this genre. See that instead.
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