Thursday, March 10, 2005

Comedy Night

The second, and final, event I'd attended as part of the Diversity week at work. This was a stand up comedy night at Leicester Square (I spend too much time here!) and featured 4 acts; A gay asian, an Australian woman, A cockney and a black, oh, and the compére was Jewish. I can't recall the name of the first guy, but he was very funny, probably the best act of the four. The headline was Junior Simpson who I was supposed to see at the usual comedy haunt I go to but he no-showed. He was quite funny too.

The problem with the show is that there was a sense that some of the acts were holding back, perhaps saving their best material for an audience that pays.

After the comedy, the venue opened its doors to the public and became a nightclub. I hadn't intended on staying too late and I was leaving at around 10.30 when a met a mate, who'd left earlier in the evening to watch Middlesboro lose, but come back. I eventually found myself dancing and drinking until 2. There were a group of Californian girls spending their last night in town and they kept me partying as long as I did.

I stumbled home at 4ish and then called a friend in the states. I should really have gone to bed but it had been a good night and I wanted it to continue.
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