Friday, September 09, 2016

Show: Paramour

Paramour is Cirque's Broadway style show and as undergone some changes in the weeks prior to my visit. This one also has a story around a man and woman who try to make it in New York and a dodgy movie mogul who wants to make the woman a star at the expense of the other guy. 

So we have the story and we have some circus routines, the best probably being some flying twins who swing out over the audience, and we have drones. Yes, drones. For the first time drone technology has been brought to the stage as Cirque bring a routine with 8 drones disguised as lamps that they debuted online as a proof of concept a couple of years ago.

The sets are great with some clever use of green screen in the first half and the singing performances are superb. The vocal range displayed during Love Triangle got close to the opera singer in 5th Element. Amazing.

So, whilst not the typical Cirque show I still found this enjoyable...but I'm biased.

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