Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Sightseeing: New York

I've been to New York before but usually as part of a rollercoaster trip and for no more than one day, so I decided to finish this trip with a slightly longer stay than before.

Accommodation is expensive in Manhattan but I found Pod51 to be fine for my needs. Like Iceland it has communal showers and toilet so if you don't mind that then you might like this place. On arrival I dumped the bags had a quick freshen up then went for a walk. I suspected I'd do loads of that here.

Is this the church where Packie's family gets gunned down in GTA?

The Rockerfeller Centre. I have been up it before so didn't fancy doing it this time.

Radio City Music Hall

Times Square. I found myself being here pretty much every day.

A musical based on the music of Gloria Estefan. I can imagine it'd be horrendous.

I love New York at night.

Grand Central Station. It looks to have been cleaned up quite nice since the Avengers smashed it up.

Having seen this in so many films it was great to finally get to it.

This is where the Taxi Driver poster was shot. The red bus tour office is now here.

A pathetic dinner on Times Square. Don't bother with Ruby Tuesday on Times Square people.

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