Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Show: Toruk

I knew that whilst I was in New York I was going to get to see Paramor but whilst out there I found out that Toruk had been announced for the Barclay's Centre in Brooklyn so I booked me a ticket and went along.

The show is mostly in the round and features the bright blue avatar people on a quest to reunite the Navii tribes to destroy a big flying dragon thing. This has more narrative that most other Cirques (Ka may be the other) but isn't so strong on the circus elements, which is usually the case with the travelling shows. Having said that there are some unique acts, tumbling around kites was the best of those.

However the stage production is incredible with great projection mapping turning the stage into rivers, lava flows and such like. This was an enjoyable surprise to the holiday, but I'm biased.

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