Thursday, September 08, 2016

Sightseeing: New York

Today's random walk took me to the south towards Chinatown and then back north for a silly film location.

My favourite burger in London is the Bleecker Black, named after this part of the city.

Katz's is a famous deli which also served as the location for "that" scene in When Harry Met Sally.

A couple took a little while to get the confidence to sit down at the table. I obliged them by taking their photo - good deed done for the day.

Katz's portions are on the silly side but it was so tasty. The turkey was lovely and warm.

This is the location of Paul's Boutique and this is where the cover was shot.

Meeting a famous celeb in Chinatown

I love the go-fast nature of the log but I'm not sure about the entrance.

One of the court buildings

This building is pretty cool.

This isn't central park. It's Riverside Park in the north-west of Manhattan. 

This is the location where Cyrus utters the immortal line "Can you Dig it?" in The Warriors.

Yes, I can dig it. It's just a shame it was so hot in the city. They were having a bit of a heatwave during my visit.

Random celeb spot. Jesse "I aint got time to bleed" Ventura seen in Times Square.

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