Friday, September 09, 2016

Sightseeing: New York

Another day of sightseeing and I thought I'd ride the tour bus around the city.
A little tip, don't do this on working days. The buses take forever to get around. I took 2 today, the first out to the Bronx and the second downtown. It was the latter that I gave up on.

Columbus Circle

A slightly better Marshmallow man shot.

The Natural History Museum

I loved this fountain.

Gothicy looking church.

The world famous Apollo theater famous for the heckling crowd who can make or break the career of the performers.

Anywhere, New York City

More GTA tenenments

Crossing into The Bronx, I think.

Our bus stopped outside of the Yankee Stadium, and some of the locals tried to sell us water.

Yankee stadium

Grants Tomb which is where President Grant is laid to rest. I don't know if this tomb has been raided. 

Columbia University was having it's society enlistment day. The weather was glorious today but too hot for celtic little me.

I hated idea of the Macgyver remake but anything that reunites some of the Firefly cast has to be good, right?

The city has a famous "Love" statue. This has been done in the same way and I'd guess it has something to do with Obama, or the artist not wanting Trump in.

I bet this stage show is really good. I loved the film.

Driving through Times Square and a people getting naked theme. The women walk around naked and painted. I'm hoping the old guy is just catching the sun and not doing the same thing.

Stomp's new show. I still think the makers of GTA got this right by calling their version "Banging Trash Can Lids for an Hour"
Dead centre is the naked cowboy, who's a famous attraction in his own right now.

This marks the fashion district.

MSG, home of basketball and the odd WWE event. I don't think they've been here for a while now though.

The Empire State Building.

The Flat Iron building.

Back in Times Square and what should be a cool tumbling show ended up being a cynical money grab as they asked each person to pay 20 dollars to move from the back to the front, then they sent some of the people back and only jumped 3 or 4 of them.

I finished the night with a trip to Cold Stone. The Brulee didn't quite come out like the picture but I didn't care. I'd wolfed it down in brain-freeze time. These guys are sooooo good.

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