Monday, September 05, 2016

Sightseeing: Seattle

I couldn't do Seattle and not do the Space Needle.

I've seen this view twice already, a third time won't hurt me.

Inside the EMP under the needle and revisiting the fantasy exhibition.

As a Princess Bride fan, it's cool to see this.

The horror exhibition is also cool

The famous guitar tower.

Also in the EMP they had an exhibition of some ridiculous costumes. This is just a pick of them.

and with the costumes there are bras, equally as weird.

In the music studio section I took lessons in drumming (sucked), guitar playing (managed a tune of 3 notes), sound mixing (did OK) and scratching (sucked)

I'm not sure what happens here but it was closed today, so didn't figure it out.

This is a pretty cool piece.

Seattle has a number of dog lounges and having spent a few minutes staring into the window wondering why I was asked if I wanted to come in and have a look. It was just literally a large space for dogs to play. I declined.

3 little pieces found in a little square near Union Park.

Located close to Capitol Hill Station is the Mystery Vending Machine, a decrepit looking box that issues random drinks. It used to have the one mystery button but now they're all like that. This vending machine used to have an air of mystery as nobody ever saw it being filled (that has since happened).

I got a cherry 7up. Not too obscure.

Dicks's is across the road from the station and despite the amount of less well off people gathering around here, the food is really good. You may not have much money but you can still have good taste. Recommended.

This is a pretty cool idea. 

An art installation inside one of the metro stations.

At the end of the metro line is the campus for Washington University. I had a little walk around here until it looked like it was going to rain so I started to head back.

The sports stadium 

A community announcement seen on the way back to the hotel.

So Zeek's was really good last night so I went back.

and the pink elephant at night

I like Seattle but having been there three times now I don't know if there's much reason for a fourth trip.

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