Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Sightseeing: New York

Day 2 and more sightseeing around the city.

Some cool art.

The vent where Marilyn Monroe's dress blew up.

Breakfast at Tiffany's was shot here. Not a surprise.

Each Trump hotel had a police presence. I can't think why.

Some of the statues around New York Central Park

This little sparrow joined me for breakfast. I fed him some breadcrumbs.

This was where the Marshmallow Man walked in Ghostbusters.

This was where Dustin Hoffman was nearly hit by the car in Midnight Cowboy, triggering the improvised "I'm Walking Here" line in the film.

Grrrrr! This annoyed me.

Inside Central Park there's a small amusement park called Victoria Gardens. It costs 23 dollars to get in and I was very wary of being a single man in a kids park in New York, so I ran in, rode the stupid little coaster and got out before the city turned on me.

When he's not being a twat, Will.I.Am can be found taking a horse drawn cart around the park.

A stupid looking bike

Central park is stunning and it's so quiet in its centre.

The odd looking Belvedere Castle.

A nice statue on the northern side of the MOMA. A number of Shakespeare's plays are immortalised here. For those playing Pokemon Go, there are plenty of animals around here.

The MOMA is incredible and I could easily have spent all day in here. Instead I ran around quickly and went for the pieces that jumped out rather than walk around and ponder everything.

I like how this came out.

I don't actually like this style at all.

This is cool.

The sort of art that anyone can do but no-one does, because they know it's stupid, except for the person who does and who proves the hypothesis correct.

A Faberge egg. It's safe to assume the Hermitage has this place trumped when it comes to these.

I wasn't going to go to the real Statue of Liberty on this visit, so made do with this.

Backoutside the museum now. The city is so nice.

Heading into Harlem and the tenement blocks that look like where the purple clad gangsters reside in GTA.

A typical New York street without the kids sitting on the steps or Mooky trying to start a riot by setting a fire hydrant off.

This is where West Side Story was shot.

Heading into the zoo, but I didn't go in as I've seen it in Madagascar.

Back to Radio City. I don't even know what goes on in here. I'll guess it's some sort of review.

New Yorks' finest but not the ghostbusters office, just the one I kept passing on the way to the hotel.

This is out in Brooklyn and because the character was from here they've put a statue up. I came to Brooklyn to see a show (see separate page).

For dinner I went to a chicken wing place across the road from the stadium. This was much better than the night before, so big up B-Dubs!

I'm in Brooklyn, it's only right I order a French vanilla, butter pecan and chocolate deluxe combo! 

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