Thursday, January 12, 2017

Event: Limmy's Hour-Long 600 Vines Supercompilation

Tonight's special was part of the London Short Film Festival taking place at the Picturehouse Central in the Trocadero (A great cinema btw). Through 2014-16 Scottish comic Brian Limond AKA Limmy embraced vine and shot 600 of them which he then edited into an hour long "film". 

It's been uploaded to youtube here and it's highly entertaining if you enter it with an open mind. It helps if you know who Limmy is but not essential. The funniest clips being Frosty Jacks and the calling out the guy seen singing along to Emile Sande.

Following the show we had a brief Q&A with Limmy chaired by Armando Ianucci. A nice way to make the showing a little special.

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