Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Film: Verhoeven Triple Bill

Another great night from the PCC has 3 classic films from director Paul Verhoeven, 2 of which have been remade and 2 which have had terrible sequels, but tonight was all about the originals. 

I'd never seen Robocop on the big screen but it's a defining film of my generation, and was probably the first 18-rated films to have a range of children's toys released on the back of it.  Watching it now the corporation-power driven storyline still holds up, the same cannot be said for the visual effects, especially the stop-motion of ED-209.

The second one is a film I have seen at the cinema many times, mostly at PCC Arnie all-nighters. This film is one of my favourite Arnie films and has held up brilliantly although the latex effects were always too much :) The crowd lapped this one up; there's something about Arnie and his one-liners that always make this crowd cheer!

and the final film was one I saw before in the West End and a film that is great. The bugs are incredible and the political angle is hilarious. I remember reading the original book a long time ago and whilst not the same, this is still a very entertaining film. I never bothered with the sequels; are they any good?

So a fun night and the first night that resulted in me getting the night train home (something that is new in London). A great crowd made this an excellent night out and it was so popular they're running it again next month.

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