Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Film: Beyond the Mat

A documentary from 1999 that gives some insight into the lives of wrestlers other than that seen in the ring. Focusing on a small group of legends: Jake Roberts, Mick Foley and Terry Funk we come to realise that it's not all high entertainment.

Jake who was one of my favourites growing up is now a drug addict who has no bond with his family any more. An attempt to reunite with his daughter lasts 5 minutes and he visits his dad and they barely talk to each other. His past is really messed up, and his story is the saddest.

Mick, who is famous for taking bumps, shows the physical side of the sport with him putting the cheers of his fans ahead of his kids.

Terry Funk gets the biggest laugh from the audience for announcing his retirement (he's still wrestling today) and talks about his career in Japan and the toll his hardcore style has taken on his body (knees mostly)

I have this at home and it's a great documentary and of course it was the wonderful Prince Charles who chose to show it on the big screen. With a great crowd in attendance this was a great showing. 

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