Thursday, January 19, 2017

Film: La La Land

The first hyped film of the year and one that will do well at the Oscars.

I don't like films that win Oscars, I much prefer to be entertained than made to sit through gritty performances where people show their acting versatility, in short the dumber the better. This however will win Oscars more for the nostalgia it brings than people pretending to have disabilities (isn't that a path to winning success?)

The simple film plot has a wannabee actress (Stone) meeting a jazz pianist (Babygoose) and their "will they or won't they live happily ever after" story line. It's told in the style of old-style musical movies.

Emma does well but I suspect she got the part due in part to her lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, they even have her lip syncing in the film. Her singing is flat but she does do well in her solo bit. Ryan's singing left no impression on me whatsoever, I can't remember what he did a few days after having seen it. The dancing is good and the soundtrack is great, despite them totally ruining Aha's "Take on Me" (intentionally I should add).

Emma Stone will probably win her Oscar, and I'll still have the tune from the film stuck in my head when she collects it.

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