Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gig: Joe Goddard @ Spiritland

Spiritland is a fairly new bar behind Kings Cross station that in an earlier guise existed in Shoreditch but now has a new home. It piqued my interest because they have a pretty amazing high-end sound system and as a fan of Despacio I was keen to see how it sounded and with Hot Chip's Joe Goddard starting a residency here it made it an easy call. 

The stylus for this alone costs £2,000

A pretty cool assortment of speakers which sounded really clear

Transistors in the amp.

So the night went well, the service in the place is great but I hadn't realised the main floor space, which is a restaurant, hold fully booked up. As recompense I was able to get a nice seat in the bar area. The music does sound incredible but the cacophony from the crowd drowns it out. It's not a clubbing venue and so the music is more background noise but it could be louder. 

The music selection was decent though with the house DJ playing some great music before Joe started playing. The selection should be stretching the system and I'd have expected to hear more tunes that are played at Despacio but we only had the one, "Fly Like An Eagle" by Steve Miller.

We liked the venue enough to consider it as a regular night out. It's close to work and easy to get home from, a great diverse and eclectic music selection ticks a lot of boxes for us.

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