Sunday, May 20, 2018

Event: Classic Album Sundays

Classic Album Sundays is an event held in Hoxton that picks one album and plays it on a start of the art sound system. On this occasion they'd chosen "Sound of Silver" by LCD Soundsystem and got Al Doyle of the band (and Hot Chip) for a little Q&A before hand.

The interview was done well with Al confirming his favourite LCD track as being "All My Friends" and Hot Chip track as being "Over and Over" with the rationale simply being that "they're the best tracks". 

He also alluded to how different it is being in the two bands. LCD is James' band and quite regimented. Hot Chip, despite being Joe's and Alexis' band is much more laid back and collaborative. 

At one time James Murphy considered an MMA career. The band talked him out of it.

James recorded most of the album himself. Nancy and Pat provided the music, but he did it.

The album listening itself was a bit odd. It's an album to dance to, not sit in the dark and listen to. It was a bit chin-strokey for me, however the music did sound really warm and I can see why the event was organised. I did have leave half way through, which I'm sure didn't go down too well either.

I would like to go back though. Now that I know what to expect I can be a bit more choosy in the ones I pick. 

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