Sunday, May 27, 2018

Gigs #24-33 : All Points East (Sunday)

Day 3 of the Festival and it was much of the same, another early start and chance to grab some lunch before the day started.

This was the X-Stage which allowed various DJs to play in the round. I didn't go to this stage once, clearly a sign that my music priorities have changed.

First up in the West Stage was Bones Garage. They were alright.

Again, most of the day was spent in Despacio but it was notably busier and therefore hotter than Friday. We didn't spend as long as Friday for that reason. 

Hot Chip front-man Alex Taylor is touring with his own album which was perfect for a sit down and relax set during the early afternoon. He does need to be careful he doesn't nail the Timmy Mallett look too much. 

After a brief stop at Django Django it was back into the Jagermeister stage for Reeps One, who's an incredible beat-boxer. He didn't disappoint.

On the North Stage we watched Friendly Fires who were OK

Mattiel did a good job on the small Firestone stage.

Shout out to these guys "Up In My Grill" for the best food of the Festival. 

Father John Misty is not my thing at all, just way too folky, but he did have a huge level of support today.

The one regret of the weekend was that we didn't get to see all of the Flying Lotus 3D set. This was incredible with bizarre visuals accompanying an excellent soundscape. It must be quite a challenge to coordinate 3D glasses for a festival crowd.

 Beck who headlined the North Stage suffered from having a poor volume on his singing and a short set time, a third of which was given to the band showing their musicality by playing covers of others songs; a little disappointing. But we did get Devil's Haircut and Loser, which I'm sure he must be sick of playing now. 

The headline on Sunday was Bjork who is incredible but not an act I'd have thought would do a festival. We had wanted to make an early escape so didn't press too forward for this one. It was the right decision. We weren't going to get Big Time Sensuality (my favourite track) instead we got something with flutes and harps that she later referred to on Twitter as "an experiment". It won the crowd over, just not us.

and a special shout out to the wonderful lightning storm that competed for the headliner. 

Overall we had a great time and the organisers should be proud of what they did for their first APE. I'm sure it'll be back next year.

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