Thursday, May 17, 2018

Gig #15: Edan @ Scala

Support for tonight's Cut Chemist gig came from an American called Edan, who I'd never heard of but got a lot of positive praise on social media from other DJs I like. He was playing an AV set and I'm used seeing Yoda and Cheeba's style of AV show with short splicing and fast cuts; this one was different from the outset with longer clips and at points Edan would stand and watch his own show, which I'm not used to at all.

But as the set progressed and the crowd got into more, I understood the show and started to really appreciate what I was seeing. Whilst being the typical brash loud American cliche, his set was really clever and technically the guy has skills. At a couple of points he was scratching between records with one hand whilst holding a mic to rap with the other.

A great set, and I'd happily see him again.

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