Saturday, November 26, 2016

Event: HyperJapan Christmas Market

Some photos from today's HyperJapan event. It was slightly smaller than previous events but the performances were better.

BANG is a robotic dancer which means there was a lot of dubstep. He also plugged the sales of his towel via an amusing promotional video.

Misaki Iwasa used to be in AKB48. Now she sings Enka, which is traditional Japanese singing. Hayabusa are a male trio that sing 70s style J-Pop.

Expensive wooden masks.

Authentic calligraphy.

Stunning art. Not overly expensive and I might get some.

Kiss meet a J-Pop band.



Egg yolks. Gudetama is a creation of Sanrio who gave us Hello Kitty and is apparently popular!

The Hoopers are an eight piece girl band who dress up as boys, which means trousers and short haircuts from what I can tell. The advantage in having a large group is that there's inevitably going to be at least one that'll appeal to someone.

Shhh.... I won't tell you which I one caught my eye.

Some more traditional singing on a second smaller stage

Super Smash Bros.


Retro games.

Swords, lots of swords.

Cartography for fictional worlds: Game of Thrones, The Hobbit etc.

The Tomboys were a great sounding rock outfit but I couldn't help but think some of the smiles weren't genuine and they'd been told to do it all the time.

More egg. Apparently the butt crack is intentional.

Neo Ballad take old Japanese folk songs and put them to heavy trance and techno soundtracks.

The competitors in this year's Cos Parade. It appears I'd been spotted so I left soon after.

Another great day, and whilst I'm not into some of the cultural things (I couldn't name any of the cosplay for example) I still enjoy myself. The only downside is that I leave knowing I need to be going back to Japan. I am actually seriously considering this in 2017.

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