Thursday, November 24, 2016

Show: Peter Firman "Trix" @ Soho Theatre

Middlesboro magician/comedian brings his Edinburgh fringe show Trix to London and I thought I'd go see it.

I saw him in London a few years ago and was chosen to help with a trick where someone's donated £10 note was going to appear in a monkey nut that I'd pick out of a bag. The show was very entertaining and so I knew what to expect seeing him tonight.

As it happened it was very much a repeat of the show I'd seen before even to me choosing the nut. Yes somehow I got chosen for this trick a second time. I also got to take part in a trick involving a drinks carton that could pour six different drinks. I got to confirm the third was indeed Irn Bru (and it was).

The magic is very good avoiding the usual cards and coins which is refreshing. My favourite trick was the one he opened with where he passes a silk handkerchief through the microphone stand. It's so good, and fast, that he does it twice. I think I know how it's done but I just couldn't catch it despite it being done right in front of me. It's that beautiful simple magic that I love.

Another funny note, when I bought the ticket I had row F. When I got to the venue, rows A-E we missing, so I actually got a front-row seat. Daunting when I got there but it was actually OK, and that's partly due to Pete's ability to relax his audience as well as keep them entertained.

I think the run in London is now over and it was the end of the tour. When he tours again, do go and see him.

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